An amazing girl who won't let you down for anything... If u need a friend she's there.. She's sexy as fuck.. She will go out to party and have fun.. But don't make her mad because she will go off on u..
Person 1: where's ronae at cant find her..
Person 2: she at a party with her friends..
by Great November 18, 2014
The shortened version of the name of the virus Coronavirus (Covid-19) that has been deemed a pandemic and is requiring extreme hygiene , personal distancing and no gatherings of more than 200 people.
Dude: I got the Rona, I’ve got a fever and a dry cough!
Other dude: Ah hang in there man you’ll get through it, but if things get worse call the hospital ok
by Ethan Hines March 15, 2020
Female name, primarily used in Scotland. Comes from the masculine form Ronan, meaning baby seal in a mixture of Gaelic and Norse (Ron meaning seal in Gaelic). This name is usually reserved for only the coolest and nicest of people.
Oh, don't we all love Rona, the alcoholic.
by radioactivemango March 9, 2008
Rona is a fun loving girl. The name means joy. This girl is very trustworthy and reliable. She holds grudges against people who cross her and she is not afraid to argue. She is very good at dancing, acting, and singing. She is very bubbly and is always smiling. She is also very smart and gets straight A's
Rona is a very good friend
by Joyboat November 25, 2018
Another word for Novel Coronavirus Or Covid-19. Slang.
Whew, I thought you were going to tell me you had The Rona.”
Rona is a very loving and passionate girl. She is very sexy and flirtatious. She can become dirty sometimes. When that happens, you want to make sure you get your hands on her. She may become seriously suspenseful. But give her attention, and affection. ;).
by Rona😂 October 26, 2018
I'm gonna meet CJ down at the bar for a Rona or two.
by talkstoangels November 29, 2010