trifling thang

not worth to be trifled over

not worth a thought because the situation was so not worth it, it didn't even leave a scratch in the process of creating a short term memory of the person
a: dude that girl said something about u

b: who? i don't know her. does she go here?

a: idk who that is, someones mom i think

b: it ain't a t-thang
by The guru made foodo June 28, 2017
Used when your girl backs up into something but doesn't care about her vehicle.
"You backed up into a tractor??!"
"Ain't no thang just a bumper, lol"
by MsBA September 29, 2021
our thang is a nickname for "i love dicks" in vietnamese or a cambodian name for a really white female with small boobs.
omg she chucked an our thang.

she is such an our thang
by fingerman12345 March 13, 2010
Every thing! All included, all in, etc.
Girl anything you want is yours. I'll give you eer-thang!
by annieruok September 22, 2015
When you launch your neck in a forward motion.
“ I went to the grocery store last week and this son of a gun took the last jar of pickles so I had to slang that thang! She dodged the first one so I had to check myself right quick because I have never missed a slang before. Then I realized I just needed to slang it harder! So I winded that thang and then I 360 slanged that thang and knocked that ho out! Then I said those my pickles son! I’m the daddy slanger! Come at me and you’ll get slanged ! “ - Kaitlyn (Chino
Hills California hit me up for a slang spank . I’m a humble slanger. Get at me . I’ll change your life . I’m ready 24/7 . No worry bout travel. I come to u . Please no worry . I gotchu . You have boyfriend? One more thang. I slang with respect . Nevaaaa forgeeee. I am the one and onlyyyyy slangaaa
by Wewillbeatvegasvein June 26, 2022