the eqivilence of phone sex, or computer sex, using only text messages.
Dang, are you being textually active again?!

-yeah, what can i say..he's a text sex machine.
by kateypoo2 November 26, 2007
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another form of cyber sex, sex via text messages.
yae: i had text sex last night
wanda: girl i didnt know you were textually active.
by mcbillions March 09, 2009
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people who are active texters or otherwise engaged in textual relationships on a daily or even hourly basis.
Ashley is textually active - she converses with friends via texts more than in person.
by Kelsey Nordal June 14, 2008
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When you’re dating someone, and you text often between datws
It’s been 2 weeks since date #2, but we’re textually active, so we’re still moving forward
by Rickydricky October 07, 2019
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