we haven’t talked in so long, i rlly miss our convos. i’m too wuss to text u first tho, sorry :P.
by urss1mp October 13, 2021
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Based off of the expression "keep me posted," a way of asking someone to stay in touch via text message
Older brother: Thanks for a great night! See you soon.
Younger brother: Sounds good, keep me texted. Do you want to play some Mario Kart online later tonight?
Older brother: Maybe, I'll keep you texted!
Younger brother: Yeah, keep me texted!
by Caesar Is Home January 26, 2015
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A text message sent to a former lover that may give false hope to the brokenhearted but only serves to boost the heart breaker's fragile ego. Pay Attention to Me Texts often appear casual and benign, such as "Hey, what's up?" However, when properly ignored, they frequently progress to more desperate attempts to be noticed, such as, "I heard our song on the radio today," or "I can't stop thinking about you."

The entire exchange may serve to rebuild the brokenhearted's self-esteem and partially restore the balance of power in a failed relationship, but all is lost the moment he or she responds to the text.
Guy#1: Marlene texted me today to say she misses me. Maybe she wants to get back together?

Guy#2: No way, dude, that's just a Pay Attention to Me Text. Ignore that shit!
by Pavlov's Cat October 16, 2011
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You will find some one better!
1.(Why doesen't she text me back?)
2.(You will find some one better btw off topic htf did you get her phone number)
by Madderfackker March 21, 2018
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when u r sending funny texts to ur boyfriend and hes not answering u
trey text me back bro
by bingbong!!!! February 7, 2022
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