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The only way to describe this word would be to say your heart is literally in pain, it feels like someone is squezzing your heart and you cant breath. This pain comes from someone breaking your heart. ( Maybe from a past relationship that didnt end right or your gf/bf cheating on you and leaving you for some unknown reason ) One of those feelings that seem to never go away. Every single thing around you ends up reminding you of that person who once said they loved you. Apparently they dont anymore and your coming to reality that they probably never did. Its not just a mental feeling its also physical, because when it happens you feel this horrible pain right where your heart is. Its like your heart is actually breaking, and I honestly think it is.. Everytime your alone you just feel like breaking down, and when your out with friends if "that" persons name is mentioned you automatically just shutdown. You cant think strait and you feel so lost. All in all its probably one of the worse types of pain or hurt you can be in, because you know there is nothing you can do about it.
Me = Brokenhearted
by HeatherLeigh April 29, 2012
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The feeling one feels after being rejected. Almost like "heartbroken", but not. Heartbroken is when the other loved you back, at one point or another.
"I feel so brokenhearted because he never loved me."
by finalexistence December 8, 2005
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