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The most gorgeous girl you will ever meet! She's great with relationship's and she's loyal, she can dress. She's a real princess. Very loving and caring. Has all the niggas breaking they back just to look at her.
"Why can't I be a teryn?, she's perfect!"
by jayden long December 23, 2016
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The most amazing person out there. Everyone wants to be her best friend. She’s very kind, loyal, and trustworthy and will always have your back. Don’t mess with this girl because she’ll mess you up. Don’t challenge her in intelligence because she’s the smartest one out there. Is beautiful inside and out. Everyone wants to be a teryn.
Wow, her personality is such a Teryn!

I’m jealous of anyone who’s friends with a Teryn!
by jellibelli August 04, 2018
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1. Derived from the Hispanic term 'la toalla hermosa', meaning the beautiful towel.
2. Currently known as one who is scared to eat shrimp that have not been split and gutted because they still have poop inside of them.
From one really cute half-hispanic girl to another: I am such a Teryn... I only eat shrimp that has been gutted!
by Shanene Johnson December 02, 2004
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