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Terminal gay is the gayest you can possibly be. No matter how many gay things you do, you cannot get any gayer.
Clinton, you didn't get any gayer by putting on that purse... you have reached terminal gay.
by Don Marlsin November 03, 2007
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when you homo-sexuality reaches terminal level. You will die and there is no turning back
john: I have terminal gay
Alex: Ew wtf dude go kys faggot
by Heukail March 11, 2018
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When you have reached this stage of gay, there is no turning back. You will die in about a month if this diagnosis is given to you.

Initially the only cure for Big Gay is receiving the treatment of "Big Secks" from a girl, however at the point the disease become "terminal" it has already ravaged your body, which will lead to imminent death of the patient.

At this time Scientists in the field of Memeology have searched for a possible cure, but their efforts are fruitless. They recommend for women to "Provide intercourse regularly to your partner, otherwise he may fall to the disease that has killed so many others.
Person 1: "I heard Johnny was diagnosed with Terminal Gay."
Person 2 (female): "If only I had provided him with the cure before It became too late..."
Person 1: "Yep, it's your fault he's gonna die in about a Month"
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by Tyler the Beast August 30, 2018
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Terminal gay is when you are sooooo gay you can no longer be a functioning member of society

It is often used in stages, stage one being the least serious and four being the most
Wow Jerry I thought the clothes made you really gay but the jewelry takes you to terminal gay
by Webu July 09, 2019
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