An erection inside one's pants; a woody that is visible because it bulges one's clothing.
I woke up hearing someone knock on the door. Forgetting about the morning wood phenomenon, I went to answer it and after about ten seconds realized that she was totally staring at the tent pole bulging in my boxers.
by PMax July 28, 2008
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The name given to a hickey or a lovebite when your parents ask what the contusion is. Often tentpole wounds are obtained after a party/festival. The name originates from the similair hermatoma of tissue when a chord tent pole collides with the skin with that of a lovebite.

The term tent-pole refers to a broadcast programming or motion picture expected to hold up (as is the function of a tent pole) and balance out the financial performance of a movie studio or television network.
Father: Damn Bobby! What are those hematoma's of tissue on your neck? You been gettin' pussy?
Bobby: Do not fear father, they are but Tent-Pole Wounds, caused from the riotous handling of the tent we set up.
Father: All good.
by cedanchair December 03, 2013
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A rusty tent pole, is a sex position what the male will lick a girls anus to loosen it up. While she takes a laxitive. She then diaria's on the male and he then uses it as lubricant to put it where he chooses.

Best preformed after eating, mexican or chinese.
Josh: My dick still stinks from that rusty tent pole on friday night.
by Mr.Buzz December 12, 2006
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