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having a sensitive scalp that is easily irritated during hair-styling procedures. Chiefly used among African-Americans, the term has existed for at least a century.
She was so tender-headed, her mom used to give her ibuprofen before she did her hair.
by hairdoer October 19, 2010
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Having a low tolerance for pain, especially when one's hair is being braided.
"I love getting my hair braided but I'm so tender headed that I can barely sit through it."

"My daughter is so tender headed. She cries whenever I braid her hair in the morning."
by Lapin Noir February 07, 2012
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When a person has a sensitive scalp, and hurts when hair is combed or braided.
Shatima: Damn girl you you should let me braid yo hair!

Shaniqua: Aiight, but a bitch best be careful, shoot, I'm tenderheaded !
by Thomas0323 March 14, 2009
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