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This word literally means natural stupidity in japanese. Also, it means idiot, stupid, dumbass, and is used to describe a very forgetful person. It can be used in a variety of different ways, as a noun, and an adjective.

This word came to be around March 2004, when a student called Yu Eric "Tenbo" Shimizu that goes to St. Marys International School in Tokyo Japan started to be very forgetful. He didnt realize that someone took his lunch box, and when some of his classmates asked him if he didnt forget something, he said "Oh No! I forgot my tomatoes!!" (soo random of him to say that), and he didnt realized that someone hid his lunchbox. From then on, he started to do other stupid/forgetful things, so the name tenbo was made.

Tenbo comes from 2 different Japanese words. Ten comes from tennen, which means natural. Bo comes from boke, which means stupid/forgetful/idiot.
Yu! Don't be such a Tenbo!!

Eric is so tenbo like.

Oh my god, Yu!! Your such a Tenbo!!!
by Tenbo June 02, 2005
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