Natural Stupidity is the fact that all humans are born stupid, we're all just naturally stupid, born to lie and be greedy, we are all naturally stupid and no one can change that because no matter how hard we try our ideas are just as stupid as the next persons. It is stupid for us to believe in world peace as the cunts in charge of this world only care about looking big, strong and powerful. It is stupid that everything is built on lies. That's natural stupidity
Tories: instead of helping people, let's kill foxes and make the rich richer

Me: well that's stupid

Tories: nah mate, you're stupid, we make money off you people just so we can build corporate businesses which will only benefit us because we'll make even more money, to build more businesses and so one.

Me: you're elected to lead the country not to use us for your own agenda, why not actually help the people who are in need of it

Tories: fuck 'em, it's their fault they're poor

Me: is it, is it really?? Or is it your fault for being so selfish that you can't even provide money to help the poor and suffering, the ill and every other person in this country

Tories: people are stupid enough to vote for us so we'll do as we please

Me: well that's just natural stupidity

Tories: the fuck you on about?

Me: it's exactly how it sounds people are stupid enough to vote for you through brainwashing, we've all been brainwashed by some ideology, from the day we've been born, that ideology is not necessarily from parents but can be from anywhere, social media, Tv, movies, anywhere
by That One Hippie Fuck May 24, 2017
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