a bag containing $10 worth of weed; also known as a dimebag.
usually around a sixteenth of an ounce depending on quality and who you buy from. should be enough for 3-4 smokes.
i picked up a ten bag last night and got stoned off my ass.
by abbas224 March 03, 2007
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A measure of heroin costing £10 usually sold in a small foil wrap.
jobseeker 1-hey mate wanna go halves on a gram of brown?
jobseeker 2-nah mate i got a couple of ten bags...i'm sound mate.
by laharl420 April 30, 2010
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When you take your man pouch and move it across an enemy's pillow when he's away. When he falls asleep his face will have been on where your business has lied. The number can be replaced with how ever many hours the victim sleeps.
Man: "I was so angry with Steve last night that while he went downstairs, I gave him the ten-hour t-bag."
by MSUdude0711 April 06, 2008
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