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Having psychic abilities that are useless in predicting the outcome of relevant events. Dreams and visions of this nature simultaneously provide enough facts to be disturbing, and too few facts to act upon.
"My brother and I are tele-pathetic, we both predicted that nothing important would happen today."

"If I weren't so tele-pathetic I would have known where in Nebraska the accident was going to happen."
by xccrash October 18, 2009
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When two or more people have the same bad idea at the same time.
Things were looking up for the movement, but then, as often happens, the protestors became telepathetic. Without speaking a word, they simultaneously decided that it would be best to throw themselves off the cliff into the icy waters below. None survived.
by Squibward Bound July 16, 2012
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When one is so pathetic, they are on a different plane of patheticism than others
Kenny waiting for 11 years for Miccah to love him is telepathetic.
by Mad Kitsune September 02, 2006
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To communicate a thought to someone and suddenly, the person next to you had the same thought.
Thing 1: Yo that lady looks like a twig!
Thing 2: I was literally about to say that!
Thing 1: Bro we're telepathetic!
by muahahaha143243 January 24, 2014
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Having no telepathic abilities whatsoever, and therefore, suffering from inadequacy syndrome.
As much as Sarah tried to guess what other people were thinking, she couldn't, because she was telepathetic.
by Sarah December 03, 2003
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To be such a loser that others can sense it just from your brainwaves
I'm getting telepathetic vibrations from that video game playing virgin!
by RedWaiter October 15, 2007
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