A trendy immature little girl who's the result of watching years of MTV fake reality shows like Next, Room Raiders, Laguna Beach, wears Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hollister and atleast one piece of Tiffany's jewelery bought of course by their parents or pathetic boyfriends. These girls go through all stages of their lives driving daddy's car, using their brand new $2000 cell phone and having everything handed to them. A horrible day in one of these little girls lives is seeing someone at school wearing the EXACT SAME shirt!! OMG!! (And knowing what that means). They live to read about celebrities lives and things like Brad and Angelina's newest adopted disaster waiting to happen.
Teenie Boppers: Go to any movie theater on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night inside and hanging outside so you can't walk. Walk around ASU campus and check out some sorority girls. Those girls that would just die if Starbucks closed down.

...I by no means am gay or don't like girls, trust me I have had my fair share of Asu little slut bags but even I get annoyed as shit with them during daylight sober hours... :)
by Rob Luto August 9, 2007
Girls about nine or ten years old that look like mini scene chicks and run around wearing their mom's fake pearls and bright pink tutu's with green striped stockings.

The best two things to ever happen to them was Jesse McCartney and Switchfoot.

They try to act like they're special when in all actuality, they're just acting like their poser older sisters.
Karren kicked a bunch of teenie boppers out of the coffee shop yesterday.
by marsvoltalover19 April 25, 2006
A young teen in the perimeter of 12-16, who is in awe with you. Slightly infatuated to when you walk by they gaze into your eyes as if you are glowing with ambers of fire and awesomeness. Another instance is when they are silent when you walk by but immediately giggle like tiny chipmunks when you pass.
Hey man, i was in the store and got followed by some teenie boppers.
by why oh why do i need a usernam November 2, 2015
An adorably small hammer used to hit, or "bop", adorably small things.
Person 1: "That thing is just way to adorably small"

Person 2: "True. Good thing I have a teenie bopper!"
by DonkeyBusiness February 24, 2009
The ethnic group Hitler would focus on instead if he were alive today.
Teeny Bopper: Let's all get ice-cream sodas!
Hitler: Kommen sie um!
by Requiett June 6, 2005
The group of young, rich, hyper 10-15 year old girls that make up a good 50% of students in our public school system. They tend to hunt in packs (cliques). Annoying as hell.
Teeny boppers are commonly mis-identified as preps.

In the nineties, teeny boppers worshipped N*SYNC.
by ~souba~ November 20, 2005
Stupid girls of ages 10-14 who squeal and giggle so much that Satan is willing to drag them back to hell. They brag about their boyfriends and show them off during lunch by sitting in a table full of shitty stupid 'couples'. They like pink and listen to stupid bubblegum pop and think they are teenagers and try to hard to act like them. They cry when they see a pimple...FOR FUCKIN SAKE ITS JUST A PIMPLE!!! IT'LL GO AWAY AND WHO THE HELL WILL CARE IF YOU HAVE A PIMPLE!!!??? They think they're all that and dress in pink, purple, mini-skirts, and T-shirts that say, 'Pop princess', or 'Ms. Attitude' and other crap like that. They like typing like this: 'l00k AnN I hAvE a NeW cElL!!! I kAn sLeEp OvEr yay!!! Like We CaN caLl up the B0iZ and pAiNt oUr naILz!!! g2g bi!!!!' it is so annoying. They think they're all that just because they have 'boyfriends'. They don't know the true definition of that word. They often write in their online journals, 'I lOvE jAsOn hE iS sO HotT I waNna Kiz hiM!!!!' When asked about their favorite hobby, they all scream like sluts, "SHOPPING!!!!"
Bopper: Hi WuSsUp hOmIe???
Me: You boppers suck serious ass. O_o
by Shedie August 25, 2004