To tear someone (or get torn) a new asshole. Generally used when you can't say asshole.
To get beat bad, massacred or just plain raped.
Grrr... I'll tear a new one for you!

Dang... that other team just tore us a new one!

If you break this i will tear you a new one!
by Hipponater September 9, 2006
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tear a new one; a way of getting a job..wen u observe ppl not working and being more cliquey and in consultative mode as opposed to getting things done..

when you are not afriad to get your hands dirty elbow deep..yknow as opposed to the shit that is fermenting there in the workplace.

tear a new one is a collegue friendly way of saying i like your job where can i get one just like yours etc.. gonna tear a new one.. these bitches a new extra a$$hole for sho..
by Imgoingtotearyoubitchesup October 27, 2010
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literally rip someone a new asshole.
in use can be verbal abuse or a threat to actual physical harm or in some circles could be quite literal
see prison pussy
you better stop lookin at my girfriend before i have to tear you a new one
by nick_pepper October 11, 2004
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Among the highest degrees of complete ownage, to tear someone a new asshole is to either physically or verbally beat the living fuck out of an opponent or his or her arguments.
Jon: I'm so much bettter than everyone.

Me: Is that before or after I tear you a new one? Let's see...together with your girl parts, that'll give you three
by Way to go, douchefag! July 17, 2009
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If you don't quit looking at my wife's hooters dude, I'm gonna tear you a new pronto.
by mangus June 5, 2004
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