One who disrespects the tea party.
He was a real tea-bagger, he boo-ed at a tea party member.
by how-ee January 24, 2010
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A derogatory term used by socialists to describe patriotic Americans who have peacefully protested the way the country is headed. These same socialists are supposedly the party that professes to care about the gays in this country but their actions prove otherwise
The people who supposedly support gay rights have used the term teabagger as an insult to porotesters even though they claim to care more about gays then the rest of the world.
by munkeewrench April 24, 2009
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People who consider themselves part of the Tea Party movement which started in 2007 and has grown more and more popular since. Teabaggers come from all walks of life.
Teabaggers don't agree on all issues, but come together with the common interest of following the constitution as for the role of the federal government. Limited government, lower federal government spending, lower taxes, individual liberty - are common ideals.

Many Teabaggers are constitutionalists, libertarians, classical liberals, or paleo conservatives.
The progressives tried to ridicule the tea party movement (using Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" of 1-ISOLATE 2-RIDICULE 3-DESTROY) but it backfired on them, when the tea party redefined the term 'Teabagger', and began to wear the moniker proudly.
by 2012 Ron Paul April 15, 2010
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A person, usually on a CB Radio, who waits for the right time to insert a comment in someone elses conversation, thus changing the entire meaning of the sentence intent. This is done by a more powerful voice, signal, or a closer proximity to the hearer. Thus effectively filling the mouth and leaving embarassing virtual nut marks on the talker.
What was actually said "We went to play golf and on hole number seven I nailed the ball, I could hardly believe it! I really had to rub it in!"

What everyone else heard due to a slick Tea Bagger "We went to play golf and on hole number seven I 'shit my pants', I could hardly believe it! I really had to rub it in!"

by LayItOnYou March 18, 2007
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I was watching Chris Mathews on No Balls tonight and found out that I hate to be called a teabagger. Being that I'm just your run of the mill Conservative Republican who works for a living so I can pay my taxes so that you fags can get your sex change operations and such, I had to look the meaning up. Oh... No wonder Bill Clinton uses the term.
Chris Mathews is a teabagger. The only problem is, he tried to teabag Cinthia Tucker and his nutsack didn't reach past her lips. Lips to big or nut to small?
by Mullet Head 58 November 10, 2009
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