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The kind of person that you can share things with and trust them. They're have a great sense of humor, and seem to land on their feet wherever they go. They can be really lazy, but somehow they get a ton done behind everyone's back. They love to party, and will bring a smile to your face no matter what mood you might be in.
"Go away Tylar. I'm trying to be depressed."
*both start laughing*
by Jaerda June 01, 2016

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The act of shooting anybody that says something against steak, gasoline, and multiplayer gaming.
"Man, I hate steak, and gasoline, and multiplayer gaming!"
*Points gun*
"Show some Patriotism, or get out of my country, mother f&#$er."
by Jaerda June 01, 2016

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A video game term. This is a skill that very few gamers can pull off, due to the inability to see the crosshairs on a sniper rifle without looking down the scope. You have to be very quick and confident to pull it off, otherwise, you look like a desperate noob.
"Wait, what just happened?!"
"I think you got No Scoped."
"That guy must be a real stud."
by Jaerda June 01, 2016

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The stereotypical Asian, who really makes you feel at home. Usually has tea and a heck ton of rice on hand at all times.
"Dude, you see that Asian guy coming with all that tea?"
"Definitely. What a Teabagger."
by Jaerda June 02, 2016

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