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The most amazing person in the world, absolute legend. Everyone loves her but no-one wants to get on her bad side. We all love a bit of Tazmin!
by sjsoncosokxpskx October 01, 2011
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A woman who is not only beautiful but nice, friendly, intertaining, funny as hell, a night AWOL, and loves to have sex, in many eyes they would view her as a Greek Goddus
Once you hear a Tazmin ....the neighbors learn my name
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The origin of the name Tazmin is unknown but what is known is that this name belongs to those who are truly special. Tazmin is a very rare name which further signifies its speciality. This name was most popular in 1993 when 857 girls were named Tazmin.

It is said that Tazmin's have high energy levels, just like a child. Tazmin's are highly sensitive and possess a high sense of awareness. Tazmin are gifted with a sixth-sense, in addition to discerning and inspiring qualities.
Tazmin, she's such a mystery. She's special in more ways than one.
by randombrowngirl September 09, 2016
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