To have a tattoo applied to ones body.
" yo cuddie im bout to tat it up "
by Richard Boswell November 8, 2007
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adj. covered in tattoos
n. a song by Da Alliance thats actually called "Tattoo" but nobody will correct tatted up unless that persons a dick
1: That bitch's lower back tat looks like a bullseye.
2: Shes got em all down her arms too. She tatted up.
"Tatted Up" is straight dope shit nigga
by Nykwil September 12, 2007
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adj To be covered in tattos, usually applied to young people, especially young mothers who are covered nearly head to toe in ink.
It's not uncommon to see hordes of unnatractive people at Six Flags who are all tatted up.

Joe: Dude, check out that chick over there!
Bob: What, the one that's all tatted up?
by A.T.M January 13, 2008
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1.kid with lots of tatoos
2. kid you dont want to mess with
3. Danny Espinoza
Don't fuck with the tatted up kid he'll shank you with his switch.
by frank June 12, 2003
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