3 definitions by Nykwil

the guy on dateline who catchs all the sexual predators
Chris Hansen: Why don't you take a seat.

Take a seat. Right over there.

What are you doing here?
by Nykwil October 8, 2007
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adj. covered in tattoos
n. a song by Da Alliance thats actually called "Tattoo" but nobody will correct tatted up unless that persons a dick
1: That bitch's lower back tat looks like a bullseye.
2: Shes got em all down her arms too. She tatted up.
"Tatted Up" is straight dope shit nigga
by Nykwil September 12, 2007
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What every man has sought after since the beginning of time. The strongest movement in America of course taking ocurrence during the Lyndon B. Johnson era. El BJ is the ultimate unequalable supreme blowjob. Known by scientists as apocalyptic in nature, El BJ could possibly result in the end of the world by means of a large white explosion.
Even presidents sought after El BJ, Bill Clinton even tried for it in the Office
by Nykwil June 2, 2007
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