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A disease like anorexia, no matter how tan a person is they never think they are tan enough.
Oh my God have you seen Tara Reid lately? She needs to check herself in for treatment of that tanorexia.
by Melissa September 21, 2004
A mental disease in which a person believes that no matter how much they tan, they are never tan enough.
EX: "That girl needs to stay away from the tanning booth for awhile; she looks positively tanorexic!"
by Falafelette April 04, 2005
a mental disorder wherein the afflicted person belives that one can never be too tanned. this manifests itself in the form of excessive sunning, use of sunbeds and solariums, and, in particularly unfortunate cases, extreme use of fake tan.
victims of tanorexia can be identified from a leathery skin texture and/or a brown or orange complexion.
as it stands there is no known cure for this terrible disease.
posh spice, all those orange girls you see appearing in early summer and old people who look like brown leather sofas are quite possible sufferers of tanorexia. tragic.
by knifewounds November 18, 2007
Obsession with being tan and thin.
Lindsay Lohan is suffering from a major case of tanorexia.
by TaraM May 24, 2005
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