Hence the name Tampo
Mr Fucking Tampys
i heard tampys has a cramp..lets go get pampys for tampys
by Campo January 26, 2006
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When someone whines, complains, doesn't want to do anything and is being a general downer. This person is usually a guy who is acting like a wuss and wants to get out of something, or is refusing to do so because you hurt his little baby feelings.

Derived from: the word tampon, which is connected to a girl being on her period and her being bitchy due to PMS.
"But it's cold outside... we'll have to scrape the ice off the car... and there probably won't be anywhere to park anyways... and... why would I want to go with YOU anyway...."

"Whatever lazy ass, get over it! Quit being so tampy and let's go!"
by offya December 21, 2011
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