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Really cheap juice that comes in the gallon. The drink version of ramen! Comes in a huge variety of fruity flavors, peach and island punch are the best though.
The $0.75 Meal : Shrimp Ramen and a glass of Peach Tampico. Yum Yum.
by Evil Bella January 07, 2004
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Citrus punch; juice; usually Mexicans are found drinking it; the yummiest juice you'll ever drink!
Mexican: hey, ese how much is that tampico?

other Mexican: homes just steal it.
by chikajen November 15, 2008
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the most fuckin ghetto thing in the world you cant walk in to a ghetto persons house without seeing it its that highly florescent juice thats like 99 C for a gallon at ghetto stores
lokk it up on the web i mean this shit is so ghetto thank its an insult to tell someone they have tampico
by edizzzle August 29, 2008
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