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A music genre, similiar to RnB, but not quite. Slow jam is pretty much what it says.. "Slow jam". It is smooth RnB. Doesn't have quite that much of a beat or rhythm like RnB does. It's slow and smooth.

Faggot # 1: yeah im digging all this slow jam shit
Faggot # 2: whats slow jams?

Faggot # 1: yknow.. that smooth, slow shit. Im talkin babyface, keith sweat, joe and such.
Faggot # 2: oh aiight man. i gotcha i gotcha.
by aLittleRayOfSunshine February 16, 2006

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A lazy way of saying 'Alright'. Usually a term used by gangsters and/or Americans. Same meaning as okay, alright, fine etc.
Guy#1: Hey man, how you doin'?
Guy#2: I'm aiight.

Guy#1: How abouts we meet up tonight for some drinks?
Guy#2: Aiight dawg, sounds good.
by aLittleRayOfSunshine December 20, 2005

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When some idiotic moron talks a lot of shit, and seems to think that they are kingshit, when in reality, they are not. To talk yourself up, means to brag about the "connections" you have, but when it comes down to it, the only connection you've got, is the one that connects your computer to the Internet.
Fagwhore: "I'm like the fully sickest yulleh out there, cunt. That bitch ain't got shit on me, coz i got the whole of northside on my side."
Northside person: "That fuckin' dumb slut thinks she's kingshit. Everyone fuckin' hates her, coz she talks her self up a lot."
*Fagwhore struts around like she is the shit*

*Inserts "talk yourself up" because i have to, according to Urban Dictionary.*
by aLittleRayOfSunshine July 04, 2006

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