Tuesday Afternoon Drinks.

The earlier version of or prelude to TND.

TAD allows you to get really pissed if you do TND as well or mediocre drunk if you go home on time.

If you find yourself in a pub before 5pm with a pint in your hand on a Tuesday, you are doing TAD.
If you find yourself doing TAD every week, you're doing it too often.

Also be careful combining TAD with too many other AD's during the same week.

Although TAD is better than MAD, WAD, ThAD and FAD are better still.
A: What 3pm already?

B: Yeah, time flies.

A: We need to pack up and go.

B: What for?

A: For TAD of course!
by Milanifan January 20, 2011
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I need to tad before I can go to sleep.

I just tadded and I feel soo much better!

What are you doing in there? Are you tadding?
by lidom January 07, 2011
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The 2nd smallest unit of fake measure, after the skosh. It is known to be smaller in length than the smidge.
Hey, Chris? Be a sweetie and move the gun rack a tad to the left, would you? Love you.
by timbo13 December 16, 2008
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I really have to TAD.

Leave me alone, I'm Tadding.
I Tadded in my pants
by Bob Williams April 15, 2004
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A really nice dude always chill, a shoulder to cry on, always smells good always looks good. May not be boyfriend material but always a true and honest friend.
by Ashley Oxford December 07, 2016
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A one-thumbed wierdo who, in the year 2011, came out of the closet in front of university. He has pectoral muscles the size of watermelons and he loves chocolate milk. You can easily recognize him because his head looks like a ballsac
Jake: Who is that funny lookin guy?
Bill: Thats Tad! He benches so much!
by P-Weezy Spud December 02, 2011
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An annoying retard who always wanders into other peoples rooms, says "Hey bud I'm on a boat," swings his keys, spits in water fountains, constantly plays with himself, and does anything annoying to get attention. Deep down, all he really wants is a dick in his mouth.
Tad, quit playing with your balls our get out of my room.


Tad, shut the hell up.


Tad, I will take those keys from you and shove them up your ass.
by MyDickIs2Jons December 01, 2009
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