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An online game where players can battle each other in a board-game type atmosphere using different characters such as knights, dragon tyrants, etc, to fight each other until they have destroyed all their opponents pieces. Players can join clans and also have a ranking that depends on how well they do in matches. There are two types of accounts, gold and grey. Gold accounts are players who pay 5 dollars a month to receive better character pieces, the ability to make and lead your own clan, and doesn't get logged out after games. Grey accounts are free and are erased from the server after 1 month. Also after every game you are disconnected, having to log back in every time. I played as a gold member for 1 month and by that time i was bored. It is ok for awhile but their are better games.
My ranking just went up because I won my match in Tactics Arena!
by maatttttt June 20, 2008
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