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Tacoing, the act of removing someones stuff from their backpack, turning their backpack inside out, and afterwards putting their things back in. A more advanced version is the taco salad, which is the same, except you tear up peaces of paper to fill the backpack with. See Nuggeting.
Brent was being a douche so we tacoed his backpack.

Tacoing is a great prank.
by Dunc10 May 02, 2008
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The act of purchasing a 12 taco party pack from taco bell and using the tacos to egg houses and cars.
Instead of buying a dozen eggs to egg a house, you get a dozen tacos.
Jim and I went tacoing last night, we got so many houses.
by taco guy December 16, 2011
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The act of folding your tongue into a taco shaped form, while another (another human being) slides their tongue inside of the taco shape slowly back and forth as if you were having sex.
Damn venessa and I were tacoing so hard last night
by Hmmm tacos September 01, 2017
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