the art of grabbing the components out of a taco and leaving the taco shell, as you eat it infront of the Taco Bell employee. This is very similar to a trend of McDonalds, known as coneing
My pals and I had to decided to spend our Saturday night "Taccoing" as a form of amusment. The employees were peeved at our horse play.
by Taco Terminator September 6, 2011
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A slightly messy over flowing vagina.
Most common with slags or sluts. It resembles a tacco, nice to eat and play with.
Anna"fin please sample my glorous pink tacco"
Fin"ew no thank you, mum gave me some yesterday"
Anna"I'll ask archie then"
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A nickname given to the female genitalia for its resemblance to a certain mexican delicacy
"What did you have for dinner last night?"

"Your mum's fleshy tacco"
by rhymeswithcurry December 9, 2009
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Los taccos is the man. Don't forget it! He will do anything you do better.
by Lostaccos February 20, 2018
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A nickname for a girl. She's an old soul in young body. Most likley passionate in her own passive aggressive way that will make you swoon. She will charm you with her laugh, it's beautiful like a seagul sailing on the wind. A real mother nature that loves kids. But she does have some down sides, a tacco does not like the smell of oranges and eggs.
Oh, that girl over there is wrinkling her nose as she smells the eggs, she's such a tacco.

When a girl says "Salmon agaaaaaain!!!!???!!" She is a true tacco.

If a girl laugh beautiful like a seagul it means she's a Tacco.
by Tacco lover December 13, 2016
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