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Nonstandard variant of "to boot" used outside the American South. 1. Slang. An adverb indicating the presence of something additional to what precedes it that is a bonus and provides a kick Middle English bote < Old French bote, kick. 2. Regional, American South. Something given in addition. 3. Archaic outside of the American South. Advantage; avail, ---idiom. "to boot," "in addition to. from Middle English boten < Old English bot, help, advantage, addition, recompense.
She discovered that the milk shake was one of the most delectable treats and they had luscious cherries on top 'taboot to boot.'
by John Adron Rose May 12, 2006
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A fellow of bastardly decent who fails to admit it, not understanding how common such lineage is.
"Mother and Father were briefly married, of which union I was sprung from. Alas, then father was abducted by the Church of Euthanasia and decided to deny my existence, stricken with fear that word of his procreation would lose him face among the clergy. It's true, so I am NOT a bastard like you, Tina!"

"Oh, get over it, we all know. Stop being a taboot!"
by Conrad Kale January 23, 2006
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