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It's actually "tabernacle" which is the fixed locked box, in which, in some churches, the Eucharist is stored. Cursing used in french usually known as cheap language, using it to replace some words so that their sentence can actually make sense.
"Il fait chaud en Tabbanak.."
Translated : "It's fucking hot."
by Daddyz Gurrl August 01, 2007
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it is another french word that has quit a few meanings it can be use as an adjective/swear/noun

f*ck, damn straight, holt shit....or jesus's tabbernacle<-- those are the examples
Tabbanak! thats a huge weiner, Dick Serard

Thats a tabbanakin'huge pile of beaver pelts.

Tabbanak!....kenny has a loose dun.
by Ned Larson October 20, 2004
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