taaka is the best vodka you can get unless you wanna spend alot of money
we wanna get 4 people drunk and we only have 18 bucks? awesome, we can get a hnadle of taaka for that much
by mcboon January 22, 2005
it's my favorite and the best for tis the most amazing and mystical of vodkas.....plus a handle of it only costs $12. quite wonderful indeed dear chap.
" mixes well...just add people " - as stated by the taaka bottle
by alexaaaa January 8, 2007
taaka is good fo' the soul.
"one of them things we knows is.."
by wassup May 4, 2005
the shittiest of all vodkas. nay, shittiest of all liquors in existence.
taaka sucks. what? it does...
by boom boom b July 10, 2004
A cheap, god forsaken Vodka with the taste of oyster penis mixed with the dead skin from a homeless heroin addict. Typically found in a roadside Bottle Shop somewhere along The Rez.
Oh man, where’d you get this water? It tastes like fucking Taaka!
by cumgargler45 January 15, 2021