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the superlative form of "tool". used to describe an immensely stupid, self-absorbed, or awkward individual. actual t00ls often misuse the word to humorous effect.

examples of t00ldom include: commenting on others' facebook wall posts, injecting oneself into conversations, being recklessly self-important, operating under the delusion of having many friends, and shamelessly imitating superiors
K: Wow, Rob just commented on the wall post you left me!
O: How awkward... he's such a t00l
by p00kster September 13, 2009
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Internet slang for the word tool similar in definition but does not relate to male body parts.

1. Being a complete Moron/Asshat

2. Doing something stupid at anothers transgression withut realising it

3. losing in a game due to your own fault, loser.
Man, your such a t00l

You t00l got 0wn3d
by Kal March 22, 2004
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Zachary Merrick from All Time Low.
An ugly guy who never wears shirts on stage.
The t00l doesn't know where the beach is.
by Borat, no? January 02, 2008
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