If one of your friends attempts to make a clever or funny status but fails, and after 72 hours it has no likes, you like it. Doesn't mean you actually like it, just a benevolent act to make the status seem less depressing and cheer the person up.
yeah, i kind of feel bad though. probably going to sympathy like it so he doesn't hang himself
by Kyle Blade February 22, 2011
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A " like" on a friend's facebook post that's getting no play from anyone else
I gave Karen's post about how funny her kids are a sympathy like
by bmilligan05 February 20, 2015
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To "like" a friend's status update or video/picture upload on facebook not because you actually like it, but because you feel sorry that no one has commented or liked it after a long time has passed.
Facebook User#1- Did you see that gross new picture of Christina in a bathing suit she added on facebook last week? She has really let herself go!

Facebook User#2- Yeah I can't believe she uploaded that for the world to see! But shes a nice girl so I sympathy liked it.
by Deftoner February 23, 2011
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