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Muthas with attitudes. Bitchy, opinionated, and damn proud of it. Their parenting message board stands united against child abuse in ANY form. They learn from each other by hashing out the issues of today and pondering their personal, parenting and relationship dilemmas.
She was flamed on sybermoms when she mentioned her daughter didn't use a booster seat.
by amaranth April 15, 2004
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Conquerers of the world wide web, one crappy parenting message board at a time.
Sybermoms took over, broke their server, and forced them to shut down their registration process in an effort to save bandwith. Sybermoms own Jandy Cane.
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The cool girls of the internet.
The board many attempt to mimic and aspire to be.
The pinnacle of internet success.
Ex.: JavaJane tries so hard to be Sybermoms, yet their attempt is sadly idiAtic.

PansyAndy would love to be a Sybermom.
by Myself April 16, 2004
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