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The most amazing girl around and is so cute and funny she will make all the guys drool and will make the friends jealous๐Ÿ’–
Guy: Whoa that girl must be a sybella๐Ÿ’‹
by WhoaThatsmelove January 16, 2018
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{Sybella} is a nice caring person. She is known for her mother like instincts and her love for turtles. Having a {Sybella} as a friend is the best.
You are such a Sybella!
by Amajin April 23, 2019
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Sybella is queen peridot. Everyone around her feels her bubbly, friendly, kind, chill, sped like vibe. She is first put her hand up and is always ready to listen to you about your problems, but doesn't want to talk about her own. She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. She always complements you, although she is quick to point out her own flaws. She is always down for a good time and to hang, but also likes her alone time. She is smart, brave and pwetty. Sybella is one radiant beautiful person.
Jason, Im hanging out with this really chill girl
Sam, let me guess, its sybella?
Jason, yeah I cant stop smiling
by Murphhhhhhhhhhhhh :) October 18, 2019
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