pretty young girl, loyal and a secretive. She doesn't like to talk about herself to anyone unless someone who she really wants to. Her friends should proud of her because she can keep secret and loyal. Love someone who is straight to the point and cares for her. Sometimes can be a childish or can be serious depends on situation. She likes to challenge herself and you don't see her giving up easily. A tomboyish yet have a genuine heart and always look for others before herself.
Who is that?
Oh, she is syahira
by eyzcap January 20, 2018
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A girl who is kind, kind-hearted, pretty and a cute girl. She is someone who is loyal and humorous. She can sensitive at the same time. She truly cares for others especially her best friends but among all of her friends, she only have one soul friend. Please do not take her kindness like a toy. Appreciate to have syahira in your life. She is the best!!!
Someone A: Wait! Who is that pretty girl? She's pretty but cute damm I've fallen in love with her. Look at her eyes and smile

Someone B: Oh, that is Syahira and yes I've fallen in love with her too!!
by Heywhat! June 12, 2018
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