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Sleep, Wank, Work and Wank

SWWW - A journey into the daily habits of the male sex of the humane subspecies of homo sapiens, also referred to as homo sexualis singularis.

SWWW is an abbreviation, used mainly by the specialists in the field of homo sexualis singularis, and stands for "Sleep Wank Work and Wank" which pretty much sums up the everyday life of this subspecies.

To say that the homo sexualis singularis solely dedicates it's day to achieve these 3 seemingly basal urges, one of them obvious through studies demanding repetition beyond the others, would be an unforgiving generalisation of the subspecies, but it is a well studied fact, that these 'goals' are achieved on a close to daily basis.

Instead of continuing with the professional jargon, I will now cut it down to more common and everyday terms.

You might be thinking:

Q: What does the homo sexualis singularis look like?
A: They look tremendously alike their homo sapien (human) main species, but they have a number of abnormalities that indeed does qualify them as a subspecies.

For instance:

The average human male masturbates once a week, whereas the average homo sexualis singularis masturbates once per day, which also has given this subspecies the nickname 'the wankers'

These wankers also appear very territorial in their native habitat, which extraordinarily enough is a construct of the human race, also known as the virtual world or in a common human term "the internet"

A high percentage of the wankers also possess a higher than average IQ, which is often overlooked due to their primitive territorial behavior and is therefore often considered, non-existant by spectators.

Q: Are wankers dangerous?
A: In most cases the wanker is harmless and will only resort to verbal violence and outbursts of anger on technological equipment, usually the wankers own property, but there has been a few isolated cases of wanker assaults on the innocent human bystander.

Q: I masturbate one or more times per day, am I a wanker?
A: Technically, no, there are a number of abnormalities amongst which the most common are listed above, if you only suffer from one or two of these abnormalities, you are in all likelyhood not a wanker, but can have dormant genes that might be awoken as a result of a sudden mutation in your cells, or be an active gene in a person later in your family tree.

Q: Can you suddenly become a wanker? and what can I do to reverse the transformation to a wanker?
A: Yes, you can suddenly become a wanker, usually as cause of a mutation in some of your dormant wanker cells, or as a result of severe trauma.
You are not entirely cursed and left to wank, if you are in the transformation to a wanker.

There are a series of active counter attacks you can excercise and lifestyle changes that can return or elevate you to a member of the human species.

Some of these counter attacks often involve physical dedication and mental strength, since you not only need to subdue your rage against technological components that you in a paranoid delusion blame for what has happened to you, and to subdue your need to point out other peoples faults and attempt to bring them down to your level of territorial disputes.

The physical dedication is required for you to in some way keep yourself occupied, so you wont have time to wank, this is best done by doing sports in some variety.
by InsanitySane November 18, 2008
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