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The act of swiping one's finger(s) across the lips of a moistened vagina during a sexual encounter, when intercourse or cunnilingus is imminent, then embracing the woman in a passionate hug whereby one can pass the moistened fingers by one's nose and ascertain the freshness of said vagina.
I was about to go down on this chick but thank Baby Jesus that I did the swipe test first cuz that shit smelled like a dead mackerel.
by RVPSE August 14, 2011
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An act performed by a woman to a man in order to know the size of the man's penis prior to taking him to bed. It is basically a discrete grope of the man's penis without him knowing.
Lisa: OMG this guy I have been dancing with all night is super hot! maybe I should go home with him tonight!

Candy: first, you best do a swipe test guuurl, make sure he's got somethin to work with!
by CulinaNY February 05, 2010
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