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cool, dope, lit, etc.
yo her face is lookin hella swey man
by cuntseatass May 10, 2018
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S.W.E.Y. is an acronym for "Smoke Weed Eat Yogurt." From the song Senior Skip Day by Mac Miller.
I sweyed all night last night, now I have to explain to my mom why I ate all the yogurt. Parental units just don't understand the struggles of the American Teenager's life.
by Hugh Hunt April 28, 2011
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Swey is the coolest and best dressed dude you'll ever meet. He'll run up a tree to protect you and loves a good walk around to embrace the nature. At Christmas time he will go around singing carols about his own life and giving free food away. Sometimes he may wake you up at night but he means it for the best.
Person 1: Oof, see that dude over there
Person 2: The guy wearing a tuxedo? He looks really cool
Person 1: He is such a Swey!
by SUPER DUNFEY November 03, 2018
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