To act a fool; to act wild or cause chaos. To act as if you've popped a bean.
"Bro were you at that party yesterday when that fight popped off?'
"Yeah bro I was in there swervin' heavy"
by swervebird August 04, 2012
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originally coined by the christian rapper "Tryp Myne (trip mine) " Swervin means one of 2 things

2 different meanings:
1: to have a sexy and/or curvy body
2: to drive insane, to imply craziness upon
1: Man that girl is swervin!
2: Man that girl has got me swervin!
by In_Famous August 30, 2008
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1 slurpee
1 4 locko
1 5 hour energy
3 shots rum

that's swervin
we swervin tonight, 7/11 ain't gonna know what hit um
by JoEBrA September 04, 2011
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When a hoe cant keep up with all of her lies and is about to crash her shitshow. so she starts swervin
When i called my bitch out for lying to me she went crazy and started swervin
by Lilreddreambuilder22 June 07, 2017
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Verb - to sell illegal drugs with no regard for law enforcement or the task force.
Fam, you swervin or not? Im trying to go to Boulder Colorado for the Rockies. You got me or are you PoPo?
by Terry Bad Ice September 26, 2017
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