Originating from the popular anime attack on Titan. Potato girl (Sasha) is a girl in the survey corps. She is in love with food. Potatoes, bread, and meat mostly. Being called a Potato girl is not really an insult. It's basically saying that you can eat and eat but still looks slim and in shape.
"You are so a Potato girl"
*muffled by food* "what's that suppose to mean?"
"Oh, well all I see you do is eat. But you are feather light"
"Oh...Okay" *continues to eat*
by Sasha braus April 9, 2015
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A girl who is humble to the point that it's annoying. She usually uses the words like, technically, literally, etc. improperly. She likes saying she is a potato even though she is obviously a human.
potato girl: lolz, I look like a potato.
Sensible person: No u don't.
potato girl: well technically, I, like, literally do.
by geo_torno9 June 7, 2019
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One who's devotion for potatoes knows no bounds. She wakes up every morning, struggling to get through the day. But that potato is always there to comfort her. Potatoes provide comfort and stability for Potato Girl. Without potatoes...what is she? Just a girl...not knowing the true meaning of life.
That girl Gemma is such a Potato Girl.

Who's that independent and driven person? She must a Potato Girl .
by Sasha-Braus April 20, 2020
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A young woman who is beautiful, friendly, and fun-loving with a compulsive appetite. Some other names would be Sasha, Helen, etc. They are hard-workers and skillful when it comes to emergencies or difficult situations, however, other times, they act like total goofballs. They speak in formal speech out of embarrassment for their accent. They are rather simple-minded and eccentric, but, surprisingly courageous, and has been considered a wise judge of circumstances and danger.
Person 1: "Hoy, who is that girl hanging out over there by the kitchen?"
Person 2: "That's that potato girl we've been hearing about. Don't underestimate her, she's simple-minded but very powerful."
by Deadmulan July 19, 2017
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This word is used to describe 'Sasha' in the popular Anime series called 'Attack on Titan'. A brat named Gabi shot Sasha, therefore the bled to death. Rest In Peace, Sasha. You will be avenged.
Jean: Her death was sad, all we can do is grief.

by glamouroki March 9, 2021
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‘cause when you have thanksgiving dinner, what’s on the side?
Are you and Cherrie serious? Nah man she’s my sweet potato girl.
by subtletee November 29, 2018
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When a really hot chick, doesnt realize she is hot, doesnt act like she is hot, and doesnt always dress like she is hot. - But there is no doubt she is hot.
This red hair girl at my office is so hot looking, but she acts like such a meat and potatoes - Girl.
by HonestGuyToTheEnd September 10, 2011
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