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when someone walks up and explains how to do a craft project without being prompted
I was working on a beaded lava bracelet when joanna walked up and started craftsplaining it to me, sheesh!
by subtletee September 20, 2019
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The male equivalent of the word biatch. A white suburban "gangsta" substitute for the word dick.
Yo, quit acting like such a deeyock, there's no need to be hating like that.
by subtletee August 17, 2012
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getting rid of the ladies so the men can go out
Jayson said to drop the tacos so we can go hang out
by subtletee January 29, 2015
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It's a Florida thang.
Yo, check out that SUV with the disco lights and laser light show. Man, that's so flang.
by subtletee June 15, 2020
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ducks that don’t like water ‘cause
“why isn’t that duck in water?”
florida duck
sick of the water
by subtletee September 20, 2019
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a cool place in a shitty area
this whole fucking town is strip mall, except for this ghettoasis
by subtletee January 10, 2019
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A fight based on forcing someone to accept your apology using the word sorry.
events leading to a Canadian fight

sorry, man.
no, I’m sorry.
no, I said I’m sorry! (punch)
by subtletee June 13, 2019
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