When an object, style, other is so outrageous and outgoing that it becomes cool.
#1..Toby: hey man, have you seen Duncan's Ankle watch?

Tom: yeah bro it's serious swed

#2.. Toby: Mate, have you seen macklemore's swed

Donald: I know right those fur coats tho
by itsTobiasBitch January 21, 2014
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Swed is slang for Cider, especially White Cider and comes in Tommy1 (1 litre) Tommy 2 (2 litre) or Tommy 3 (3 litre) bottles.
You Gonna Get A Tommy 3 Of Swed In Tonight?
by Matt Brooks April 18, 2006
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The act of smoking marijuana everyday. However this is most often misused by fake stoners believing they're cool because they smoke weed.
Blake: S.W.E.D because I'm a gangsta
Tyrone: Nigga shut up your 13 and cried when you got a j-walking ticket
by Swagmasta420blazeit January 12, 2015
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