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When a male rapidly approaches a woman with the look of rape, then stops 3 inches from body and lets the woman feel the power of patrick swayze and melts away. popular from the scene from road house where patrick makes sweet, yet gentle love to his lady above the farm
oh man, steve swayzed the shit out of that girl last night!

she keeps giving me that look, shes gonna get swayzed.
by ben 'cobra' hansen June 15, 2009
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One has been "Swayzed" when the word "ditto" is used as a response to a heartfelt offering of love, as Patrick Swayze's character said to his wife/Demi Moore in the 1980s movie, "Ghost".
Demi Moore in Ghost: I love you.
Patrick Swayze in Ghost: Ditto.

Person 1: I think about you all the time
Person 2: Ditto.
Person 1: You just Swayzed me!

Person 1: I love you, boo.
Person 2: Ditto (pause) ... You just got SWAYZED!
by Amy Abraxas January 08, 2014
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To depart from any given location with rapidity. While the more common term Swayze is thought to originate from a parallel between the street slang Ghost (also meaning departing with rapidity) and the Patrick Swayze film Ghost, it is truly a derivative of the term Swayzed.

The true origins of the term lie with the Swayze film Road House, wherein he plays a bouncer, and its parallel to the street slang Bounce.

Therefore, the Swayzed/Bounce/Road House axis is the true origins for the derivative parallel of Swayze/Ghost.
Imma bounce, hit the road, leave the house -- I'm Swayzed.
by Wuggins August 14, 2006
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To act nutty and flip out. While the more common term Swayze is thought to imply coolness, this definition is dedicated to Don Swayze. Fond of these type of character movie roles, Don Swayze takes his portrayl a step further and acts out occasionally in real life.

The true origins of the term lie within the appearance of donny-38 on the IMDb boards monitoring his more famous brothers IMDb message board, making sure via censorship, that it appears as a dimly lit chapel of a fan forum, rather than a free discussion board where freedom of expression is still intact.

I received 27 private messages from the nutcase in one night. He was obviously getting all swayzed about the discussion.

I was driving and I accidently hit a squirrel. I stopped my car and saw it rubbin it's head on curb getting all swayzed on it!

by DKKreggie July 10, 2008
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