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a person who was born a man but acts like a woman.
me: really your putting nail polish on

Swavely : its clear tho

me: your such a swavely greg
by badd0g64 November 19, 2012
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Swavely's are super athletic and VERY competitive. They usually kick butt at everything they try and will soon be the bet at it. They are very fast and speedy, and also learn quickly. Give them a dozen sticks and a sheet and they'll somehow make a tent. Swavelys are very creative and love the out doors. They love their family and love each others company. they get along with almost everybody and will do anything to help others. Their caring and forgiving people who make friends with everybody. Everybody loves them for their friendship and love. They are handy with their tools and are as strong as a horse. They can build anything with a nail and a hammer. Swavely's are awesome.
*____ Swavely is at a diner and notices a homeless man sitting outside in the snowstorm with no jacket. Mr. Swavely walks outside*

"Hi, I'm Mr. Swavely and I noticed you don't have a jacket in this snow storm or a shelter"

"Hi Mr. Swavely, I don't have money for a jacket, I travel by foot to different places all over to help out with activities for money... which I use for food"

*Mr. Swavely drives home and grabs a thick jacket for the homeless man and drives back*

"Here you go, it's my pleasure... why don't you come inside and have a meal with me and my family"

"But I don't have any money..."

"It's on me ;)"
by CareBear1000 February 18, 2017
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