A slutbote.
Suzuya dont you dare take the admiral on your own
by Kumano1945 February 10, 2018
He is a character from the Japanese anime "Tokyo Ghoul" and is more of a background character than anything. He has white hair, pale skin, and is covered in stitches. Despite his creepy appearance, he is actually rather sweet and loves animals.

He is not a ghoul, but rather part of the CCG. He is introduced to the series by pickpocketing Ken Kaneki. His minor role becomes more major during the end of season 1, where he takes credit for (SPOILERS) killing Yamori (SPOILERS). Because of this, he gets his very own quinque.

He was victim of severe child abuse, but somehow seemed to retain his lovely nature. He looks up to Shinohara as a father figure, seeming as he never had one.

His iconic hair pins represent the roman numeral 13, signifying great loss or sadness. Before he joined the CCG, he didn't have hair pins. After, he did. Coincidence? I think not.
"Did you see how Juuzou Suzuya kicked ass in that new episode?"
by juuzousquinque April 20, 2017
Sweetest most angelic person on earth, v cute, has huge oppai
Did you hear Rin Suzuya sing?

Yes my heart exploded
by Ame.a August 6, 2020
An absolutely beautiful, adorable, cute, bean of a girl (aka me)
juusou._.suzuya Wow how amazing is she 🤩
by Juuzou psycho Suzuya December 20, 2020