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someone who has efficiently surpass the stages of hoe and whore by intmently interacting with 20+ persons.
y'all see that superthot. She's with Gerald now.
by FratRowXanny July 01, 2016
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T.H.O.T = that hoe over there. A super thot is a thot that has surpassed thotom.
Mike: yo check out that fine ass girl over there.

Damon: don't fuck with her B. She a super thot.
by bigblackjack78 August 05, 2016
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Usually a Super-Thot is a girl that has just entered the realm of thotiness. Usually in middle school when they get introduced into thot-central. These girls have mostly have brown hair and blue or green eyes. They are popular in school and on ig they have about 1100 followers. They have 12 posts and they love to post about the beach. Normally their first picture is of them with a group of friends to show of their friends. But it is usually from the back because they aren't confident with their face yet. Here second post however is usually a selfie with one other friend. Then the third post they become thoty and post a bikini picture with a friend. Her 9th post is probably about a boy band concert she went to. Because thots love boy bands. If you spot a girl like this in ur school with a feed like this she is probably a super thot. Super-Thots always like blonde skater boys.
John: bro that girl is hot.
Dan: yeah but she's a Super-Thot
John: how do u know
Dan:Just look at her feed and u will know.
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by Anolbuttfuker May 25, 2018
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