When a male ejaculates on a blanket and sticks it on a female's back, creating a cape like superman.

Made famous by Soulja Boi's single, "Crank dat"
Lyrics are as follows: "Watch me crank dat soulja boi den superman dat ho"
by Menaaa September 27, 2007
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This can be used when ejaculating on a girl's neck and putting a blanket on it (see other definitions), but is also used to describe when you really fuck someone up bad, like when you seriously just embarrass their sorry ass. Not necessarily hurting them or beating them up, but just kicking their ass at something. This is used frequently in sports, especially basketball. Like if someone does a psick crossover dribble and the defender falls to the ground trying to keep up and has to watch their man slam it down hard. That guy just supermanned dat ho.
Stud 1: Did you see the Jazz game last night? Deron Williams had a locus dribble around Chris Paul and threw that shit down right in Tyson Chandler's grill!!!!

Stud 2: Ya, D-Will is always able to superman dat ho.
by Udy March 5, 2008
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When a hoe won't give up the "Poon-tang", you wait till she sleep and then you spray your "Man nog" ("baby batter" "liquid love" what ever you call it,) on her back. Then you stick the sheets to it. Let it dry over night and when she awakes in the morning she will have a cape like Superman. Here's to you "cockteases" lol.
She not tryin to give it up then "Superman dat ho".
by Vic Vicious October 11, 2007
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Superman-ing a 'ho occurs when in the company of a prostitute. The man leaves his feet, flying towards the prostitute and punching her in the face with both fists, whilst in the air. Afterwards, the man will scream, "Superman dat 'ho!"
Jeezy: What happened to that bitch?

Man: Didn't you hear? Cappin' Crunch superman dat 'ho. Now she dead.
by Cappin' Crunch September 29, 2007
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