1. Abbreviated form of 'wassup' which derives from "What's up?" Used as a general greeting or a brief 'how are you' by people who are too hip for full sentences.

2. (adj) Used to describe anything which is too cool for outdated words like "cool".
1. Un-suarve kid: "Hey man." Suarve kid: "sup?"
2. That picture is totally sup. Your hair is totally sup. I am totally sup.
by Tianana June 20, 2007
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Short form for superior, used like great, excellent or gr8.
Sup is used with an ! while standard sup (meaning whats up) is used with an ?.
Mike: Dude, I like totally owned that bitch in WoW.
Paul: Sup bro!
by petrr July 14, 2006
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Hehe im a lil middle school kid and i say sup cuz im cool....stupid ass mother fuckin middle school kids...
by 6562 April 25, 2004
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to drink alchol (usually beer)
fred u supped a cup supped is plural form of sup
by jake knaust December 15, 2003
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A word used by uneducated Neanderthals instead of the grammatically correct " 's up"
s'up Leroy?
by Leroy Darcell August 05, 2011
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short form of "what's up"- simplified as a form of greeting, as in "hi."
"hi B.J." "sup LeRoy."
by T D Olson October 22, 2003
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