when it is sunday, you have school the next day, its 8 o'clock, the sun's setting, you just broke up with your girlfriend
Guy: Man, I'm sad. I have the sunday blues
by supsups March 6, 2005
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The feeling you have the morning after partying all night and acting like a jackass.
Did you see Scott last night? I bet he's got a major case of the sunday blues today.
by Fresch August 5, 2007
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The most severe moment of a hangover. When you feel like your dying on a sunday, often after a massive weekend, or just massive saturday night. You can do nothing but lie in bed and watch dvd's, maybe some light shopping and you crave sex and affection from anyone.
I asked susie if she wanted to come out for dinner tonight, she said she had the sunday blues.
by teal88 August 6, 2009
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A thought that only crosses your mind on Sunday nights. A feeling of dismay, anger, helplessness, butterflies,and overall depression to the thought of attending work/and or school the next day-Monday.
There is no true cure for the Sunday Night Blues.
by Jakabones January 20, 2006
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That, "Oh crap, I have to get back to work tomorrow" feeling you get on Sunday nights.
I was having a good time in Vegas last weekend but then I got hit by the sunday night blues.
by DAA May 9, 2005
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